Gary Gladstone

Gary Bayuk Gladstone
July 8, 1935  –  July 29, 2023

Gary Bayuk Gladstone, an author and retired commercial photographer, died on July 29, 2023 in Purdys, NY. He was 88 years old.

Gary is survived by his Son and daughter-in-law, Gregory and Ann Gladstone, two grandchildren, and his long-time companion Bonnie Snyder.

Gary studied painting, drawing, and advertising illustration at the Art Students League in New York City. In mid 1950’s he started professionally as a photographer and columnist on a weekly newspaper in Westchester County, New York, and soon moved on to the New York Daily News, where he was a special feature photographer from 1958 to 1960.

In the 1960s Gary began producing audio-visual and industrial theater for corporate accounts. At the same time, he became involved in something completely unrelated to photography: he conceived and co-wrote America’s first stereo comedy record album for Columbia Records (Epic label), an LP called Sounds Funny. Later on, he formed JazzTime, with jazz musician Dave Bailey, to produce and package jazz and comedy records for major labels. During this time he was also able to continue as a freelance photographer for such magazines as LIFE, LOOK, The Saturday Evening Post, and Seventeen.

In the 1970s Gary re-focused and began to shoot corporate annual reports. He was one of a handful of photographers at the time who first defined “corporate” as a specialty. He quickly recognized the potential market opening to photographers who could deliver the right look for designers with corporate accounts, while remaining sensitive to the needs of senior corporate executives. Gary was instrumental in setting new standards for what had been an obscure sideline, transforming it into an important branch of commercial photography. His unique visual style, and technical innovation, along with careful attention to the delicate art of keeping the corporate client happy led to an impressive list of clients. These include Pfizer Inc., Grumman Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Nabisco, Pratt & Whitney, Price Waterhouse, and General Electric plus many other large and small companies.

Gary has published nine hardcover books. In the early 2000s Gary stepped back from corporate photography to author a series of widely reviewed books “Passing Gas And Other Towns Along the American Highway”, and the sequel “Reaching Climax And Other Towns Along the American Highway”.

In May 2005, Gary was awarded the International Photographic Council’s Leadership Award in a ceremony at the United Nations.

In his later years, Gary doted on his grandchildren, ensuring their title of Most Photographed Kids Ever.

A memorial is not immediately planned. The family will notify friends and loved ones when a future service is scheduled.

Gary was an advocate of Public Radio. In place of flowers the family suggests a donation to New York Public Radio.

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Witchcraft- A vignette

Note9 Pics 908

The characters:

A young girl of about twenty.

A pastor of about fifty.


We are in colonial Massachusetts circa 1690.


The young girl bounds on to the stage running in horrified grief. She wails and cries, howls and trembles, screams into the air and then slowly composes herself looking straight out into the audience in a wordless plea to God.

Enter the Pastor behind her. He is wearing a black veil over his face but soon removes it as he begins to speak.  The two never make eye contact.  Instead he remains a few steps behind her at all times.

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