I Sense My Senses

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Glimpsing, glancing, looking, staring

Seeing out of focus

Hearing, listening, noises pounding

Sound so loud I cannot hear it

Feeling, soft against my skin

Hair on ends with prickly startling

Sweetness, wetness on my lips

Tasting bitter lasting findings

Smells that carry me away

And tickle me into sneezing

What is all about us

Sounds, sights, smells, feels

A tasty treat?

An unheeded warning

An invitation, a temptation

Resist or not, it’s your undoing

Your choice to live while gently parting

So listen loudly, stare and glisten

Taste all the sounds, feel all the warnings

It is the essence that counts

That tells us all we need to know

As we move on.

By Janet M. Ocasio   April, 2019


3 thoughts on “I Sense My Senses”

  1. I love this tender ode for me, it reminds me of youthful discoveries and more mature ponderings.

  2. Janet,
    Your medley of sense impressions recalls for me the sensory overload of Times Square on a Friday night. Such an overwhelming bombardment of the senses.

  3. Yes, that is what I was feeling at that moment. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your feedback.

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