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First gained acclaim for his writing for his eulogies for family members.

The Caregiver

Jeff- Caregiver

“I’m done resting Ethan, how ‘bout you?” I whisper.

We both feel soft after practicing yoga and our hour-long, turning-within meditation technique. We’re still resting on the large mat that covers half the floor of our studio apartment. Two years ago while learning this technique, we met and three months later we moved-in, meditating together ever since. Continue reading The Caregiver


Abstract in snow at kent falls

“Aillen, how can any of your individuality re-incarnate? Your body structures and sustains memories, emotions and perceptions. When it dies, all is lost.”

Because I know Aillen so well, I sense his smiling beyond the speaker-phone, “Ethan, you know about quantum mechanics and quantum computers. Well, microtubules in your brain which have a known biological function, are also ideally suited to be carriers of quantum information.” Continue reading Remembering