Sounds of the Blight

Note9 Pics 862

Do you hear that sound breaking through the trees?
Hush, you must listen

For it is the whistling of a message as it dances in the breeze.
Do you hear the whispers speaking in the night?
Hush, you must hear them
As they scatter out their warning and quickly take to flight
Do you hear a voice speaking out of tune?
Hush, for it is singing
A warning from afar as it reaches from the moon.
Do you hear a shouting breaking out in force?
Hush and heed its warning.
The world shudders in fear not knowing its source.
Do you hear the screams that belt across the sky?
Hush and listen for there is dancer in the night.
As the voices blend in choral sounds and warns us of the blight
The sounds, the whispers, the voices, shouts and screams
Are calling for redemption
For an end that is not a dream
But a nightmare cloaked in darkness as we cower in its fold.
Do you hear a silence that has settled in the world?
Hush and listen for we are saved
As the sun begins to glisten and the light at last unfurls.