Covid Diary, Tanka variations, Early May 2020

10292017 galaxy 0771

New York Pause

Red on red a cardinal

flies into the red maple

stop sign red signals

STOP!  I am stress tsunami

down, red on red stopped

summon ancient forces:

baby, fire, cannon,

crocodile breath, OM.      A sigh

all I can manage.


Social Distance

Birds have their own protocol.

Thrush, lark, wren     distance.

Geese fly spaced, each wing’s

up-flow helps a neighbor.  Can

humans grace distance?


Move it

Rocks seem to sit.  Frost

heave, incessant rain, they’re off

in a new direction.  Clang,

my shovel hits a

hunk of granite!  You mustn’t

interfere with rosebush roots.


And Now

Glorious day today after

rain’s drench.  Suncrisp, cleansed air.

Soaked soil squelches mud,

obliterates foot fall and

mosses delicate fruit.