Not telling – Part 3



This is me Sheila again.

I think you are all waiting for me to say why Joe Sr. and I live in two different houses especially when there is enough space in this one and anyway he will never get around to taking the rest of his stuff out of the barn but I don’t feel like going into all that and maybe it is none of your business.

I do worry about Joey and that amok thing he was doing so I told Joe Sr. about it so he could worry too but he said it reminded him of himself when he was a kid like the time he put Roman candles in the smoke chamber of Mama Seyffer and Arnold’s fireplace and waited for them to make a fire he thought the fireworks  would go up the chimney but they fell over and came out into the room and one made that mark on Mama’s piano they were lucky the house didn’t burn down I think but anyhow Joe Sr. says he wasn’t interested in fire stuff after that I bet he wasn’t.

Anyhow Joey seems to be into water now he dammed the brook in three places and the dams are pretty good they were still there after the big rainstorm last week. He’s in his room making a waterwheel the dams don’t flood the road or the garden or anything the frogs must be happy.

Giraffe the Dog likes to go sit in one of the little ponds Joey made he sort of squirms in there looking goofy and then you guessed it he shakes water all over everybody it drowns the fleas now if only we could get the cats to do that. Except the dog can’t come in for a while until we get the mud off. Then he will go right over to a cat and get more fleas.

When Giraffe goes into the water I guess there are big disaster reports in all the flea newspapers hinting that fleas will become extinct from all the dog washing.

Aunt Ellen is very perturbed about global warming she says there won’t be any more people soon we all screwed ourselves, but I think it’s just like the fleas the dog takes a bath and a whole bunch of fleas die and for those fleas it’s over of course and probably people will die all over the place but plenty of them won’t. This is a serious subject.

Uncle Oscar says it’s not the end of the world because the next time it’s supposed to be by fire but Aunt Ellen said it could be a lot of little fires it doesn’t have to be one big one. Those two always bicker about something.