What Happened Out Back- Part 1

Onnamaqua Herald-Gazette
Onnamaqua Herald-Gazette
 The South Onnamaqua police rescue team responding to a call on September 8 discovered a local resident up to her neck in what was described as wet

mulch after an accident on her property at 11 Breakfront St.  Sheila Redmond (47) said she had been hosing leaves off her barn when her cell phone rang and then slipped through her wet hands and skidded partway down the roof.  When she reached to get it, Redman began sliding as well and the phone went farther down the roof and the ladder Redmond was using fell to the ground. Rather than remain stranded alone on the roof, Redmond attempted to inch her way down to the phone but slid some more, knocking the phone off the end of the roof and landing astride a tree branch, which bent under her weight and deposited her on top of a woodshed, but with one foot still caught in the tree. After extricating her foot with some difficulty, she dropped onto the mulch box next to the shed, but unfortunately the cover of the box gave way and Redmond ended up in a sitting position inside but was unable to lift herself out. Meanwhile, the end of the hose she had been using to clear the roof had also fallen onto the box and the contents were getting a thorough soaking, although the box did not fill with water. Luckily for Redmond, when she freed her foot from the tree the branch had catapulted her wet shoe and sock onto the porch next door, where they were found an hour later when the neighbor, Renata Gilchrist (64), returned from shopping. Gilchrist saw blood on the sock and investigated, at which point she could hear Redmond’s voice from inside the box and called 911. Apart from scrapes and bruises, Redmond was not injured.


Joe Sr. was over here yesterday cleaning off the other side of the barn roof which was nice of him. He also rebuilt the mulch box with the cover slanted so if I manage to do that all over again which will not happen, I’ll end up on the ground instead. He said he didn’t see the news story but he stopped over because my phone called him and when he picked up there was a chicken clucking instead of me.
Mrs. Gilchrist gets free eggs for a long time, and Joe Sr. gets green tomatoes for his apple and green tomato pies, delicious, thank you Joe.



2 thoughts on “What Happened Out Back- Part 1”

  1. Kathy,
    Your zany, good willed humor was just what I needed this morning. I love one mishap seamlessly sliding into another. This world is delicious to step into with its cartoon essence, light and airy., as refreshing as splashing in water under a waterfall. Am looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Kathy,
    Another quirky tale told in a familiar rambling voice that moves us along–one precarious detail after another–with the pace of the telling. I like the image of Sheila dropping into the mulch box. I wonder what sound that made.

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